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A selection of articles from radio magazines of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s

by David M Pratt G3KEP, David Noble G3MAW and Graham F Firth G3MFJ

Buy cialis generic online A digital frequency counter and timer - direct read-out at 150MHz, Radio Communications, March 1976

Generic brand for valacyclovir Tri-Band Ranger - 40, 80 & 160m 10W transmitter - Part 1, Radio Constructor, April 1971 Xalatan cost australia 10 watts CW, 7 watts Phone - Part 2, Radio Constructor, May 1971

RC-07-64.PDF Miniature "Top Band" Receiver - easily adapted for other bands, Radio Constructor, July 1964

RC-06-63.PDF Transmitter Design for 4 Metres, Radio Constructor, June 1963

RC-08-63.PDF High Quality Modulator Design, Radio Constructor, August 1963

SWM-02-62.PDF Modern Transmitter for 160 Metres - with CRT monitor, Phone/CW/MCW, Short Wave Magazine, February 1962

RC-07-61.PDF A Constructor's Oscilloscope - Part 1, Radio Constructor, July 1961 RC-08-61.PDF A construction of - Part 2, Radio Constructor, August 1961 RC-09-61.PDF the Mullard Design - Part 3, Radio Constructor, September 1961

RC-11-63.PDF Bench Power Supply - a versatile instrument for temporary set-ups, Radio Constructor, November 1963

RC-10-60.PDF High Quality Modulator for the Amateur Transmitter, Radio Constructor, October 1960

SWM-01-59.PDF QRP Transmitter for Ten - design for local phone, Short Wave Magazine, January 1959

SWM-01-60.PDF CRT Monitor Unit - for phone modulation control, Short Wave Magazine, January 1960

SWM-07-60.PDF A Magic-Eye GDO - neat test instrument giving visual display, Short Wave Magazine, July 1960

RC-09-60.PDF A Heterodyne Frequency Meter, Radio Constructor, September 1960

SWM-08-60.PDF Making the Gear Look Better - some ideas and suggestions, Short Wave Magazine, August 1960

PW-09-60.PDF A Morse Practice Oscillator - a simple circuit with loudspeaker output, Practical Wireless, September 1960

PW-06-60.PDF An A.F. Phase-Shift Test Oscillator, Practical Wireless, June 1960

RC-02-60.PDF Modulated Test Oscillator for the I.F. Range, Radio Constructor, February 1960

QST-05-60.PDF Low-Frequency Mobile - a 160m mobile transceiver, QST, May 1960

PW-01-60.PDF Using the RF24 - modifying for use on 14, 21 & 28MHz, Practical Wireless, January 1960

RS-12-58.PDF Modifying the Wireless Set No. 18 for Top Band, RSGB Bulletin, December 1958

RS-06-61.PDF Wireless Set No. 46 for Amateur Use, RSGB Bulletin, June 1961

SWM-09-58.PDF Modulator for the Small Transmitter - telephony operation for the newly licensed, Short Wave Magazine, September 1958

SWM-11-58.PDF An L.F. Band Transceiver - self-contained unit for 160, 80, 40 metres, Short Wave Magazine, November 1958

RC-08-59.PDF A Transmitter Circuit for 160 Metres, Radio Constructor, August 1959

RC-08-60.PDF Low-Power Transmitter Modulator, Radio Constructor, August 1960

SWM-07-56.PDF The Other Man's Station - G3KEP, Short Wave Magazine, July 1956

Also ....

RB-08-04.PDF  The STC RV9A Communications Receiver, David M Pratt G4DMP, Radio Bygones, No.90, August/September 2004

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